September 20, 2010

Review It: Mama Soule Soup

before the immersion blending

after blending, cream and basil
Not certain how I paused long enough to take this photo.  Oh so yummy!

is delish!  My sister came over one night last week so there was a group cooking effort.  This is a very simple yet tasty treat!  Yes, it would still be simple even if I did all of the chopping, pealing, etc by myself.

I don't care for tomato soup.  I can't drink V8 without holding my nose.  Yes (friends and family as you know all too well) my stand by quicky dish is plain noodles (elbow or shells preferably) with tomato juice.  Sometimes I add a little slab of butter.  After all Wisconsin is in my blood.  But I LOVE this soup.  I made it again last night for Z and I as he didn't get any in the first round.

What it all boils down to is Amanda Blake Soule is right, it does have just enough carrots.  I've added it to my favorites pile of recipes.  You can find the recipe on Mama Soule's blog.  Enjoy.

FYI: I was lazy last week after having finished up two large projects.  Yes, one was the masks and the other will remain a secret until (fingers crossed) it is installed.  It may be months so don't hold your breath.  Rest assured though this week will be filled with some super fun things!  Finally time to make that yoga bag and other projects....

Also, you will notice I've changed my format, again.  This time so my pictures can be bigger.  What do you think?

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