September 28, 2010

loofah plants

the loofah flower at night
the loofah flower
miraculous climbing tools
climbing tools forgetting their duty and getting tangled
That's right loofah's grow on a plant.  I knew it but I didn't KNOW it.  Not until this summer when I was perusing the seed selection at my local Jungs did I really know it.  Low and behold there was a loofah plant! A whata?  I put it into my basket and took a sheet for the special care instructions.  I always spend too much on seeds in the spring.  So many things to grow so little time to grow them.  That and the sheer anticipation for warmer weather makes the green fly out of my wallet in exchange for green in the yard.  Darn winter.  (Don't worry I'll stop harping on winter soon enough...or will I?)

I planted them on a special rope vine/wall thingy that I made up (it deserves a post of its own so more on that at a later date).  They have been blooming profusely all summer long but no fruit.  Everyday after work the first they I would do is look for the fruit.  Nothing.  Lift leaves.  Nothing.  Look behind the rope wall.  Nothing.  Nada.  Nichts.

the fruit or veggie that I didn't see (which one is it? fruit or veggie?)
Well, that is until my Mom spotted one when she was visiting.  I can't believe I had missed it.  Yippie!  Now if only Jack Frost will be as late as I was planting them,  I may have homegrown loofahs to give as gifts this winter.

If they grow big enough I'll let you know how processing them into loofahs works out.

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