September 7, 2010

Laborless Day 2010

annie wanting to swim in the middle of the lake
a Bald Eagle enjoying its lunch but not our watching
turtle square footage (the one on the left even had his toes spread-love)
A few pictures to enjoy....  In the same fashion as last labor day we were at the Land taking in the outdoors.  Only this year the nieces have grown and are excited about all the different activities.   It is great watching their personalities grow and their brains really think things through.

Oh, and we couldn't go into the woods because there are bear.   Lots of black bears. I didn't want to get in their way... I'll see if I can get a photo from the trail camera (I'm a dork, I know).

I learned that dogs aren't afraid of swimming in deep lakes.  Apparently, if you can't touch, you can't touch.  To me for some reason 120 feet deep is so much more scary than 10 feet.  Is that weird?

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