September 20, 2010

cookie mistakes

cookie log
fold over the plastic wrap
label and freeze
My parents were in town last weekend. So in preparation for their arrival I made cookies. Who has a dad that doesn't love sweets?
But my brains wasn't working properly so first I added double the flour. I made a second batch to mix in and then forgot the eggs. Despite all the mishaps they turned out yummy. At least my Dad didn't notice.

My mistake made me think that this would be the perfect time to share how I freeze the extra dough. Because after those two mistakes I would have had more than 6 dozen cookies to eat! Plus I love having dough in the freezer ready for those unexpected, "I need a cookie" moments.

How I freeze cookie dough:
1. Prepare cookie dough as usual (not like I did).  After making all of the cookies you want set aside the dough to be frozen
2. Layout a sheet of plastic wrap about 18" long
3. Spoon out the dough into a log shape down the width of the plastic wrap.  Leaving a couple of inches on each end for folding over.
4. Fold plastic wrap around cookie dough and roll slightly to give the log a uniform width.
5. Date and label with type of cookie.  Place in freezer.

When you want more cookies simple heat up your oven and slice off the dough in 1" sections and place them on a cookie sheet as normal.  You should defrost before baking but I usually don't. ;)

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