August 31, 2010

Review It: Midwest Modern

cover sleeve vs hardcover underneath

sewing projects to get the look
insight into Amy's studio and work space
slipcovers: no more cat hair nightmares
fabric covered lamps
let's make 'em! re-purposed tees and dresses
green everywhere
the end

I've been waiting to buy Amy Butler's Midwest Modern since before it was published in 2007 (yes, I've missed the train).  Thanks to a generous amazon gift card (a'hem wedding gift) I finally have!  It's  gorgeous!  Lush illustrations grounded in nature, beautiful photography, and smart ideas fill it to the brim.

The cover sleeve is beautiful and blends perfectly with the images within.  I prefer the simplicity and contrast of the hardcover myself, especially the little bird.

The few projects included in the book are great little additions.  They are perfect for beginners and inspire the experienced.  There are many things in the images that I want to make and grow.  Even the names of the plants pictured are not left out.  Perfectly smart.  The book really does encapsulate a lifestyle.  I find myself wanting to recreate the images in my own fashion.

It would sit on my coffee table if the cats weren't already sleeping there.  I will have this book forever and will look at it often for inspiration or a jump kick especially when the snow covers all things green in the following months.

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