August 13, 2010

I'd love to wear only the things I make

It sounds simple and so fantastic.  She's doing it!  I can too! YAH!

In fact I've dreamt about it for a long time, since I learned how to spin wool into yarn to be specific.  Oh dreams, they are so wonderful until the sensible part of your mind gets in the way...

Ms. Sensible: "What about running shoes? Would you make those too?  Run barefoot?  Winter boots?  How long would it take you to make all those clothes?  You certainly couldn't do it in one fell swoop.  Remember you have a full-time job, a husband, friends and family...  It would have to be piecemeal."

Me: "Yes, piecemeal.  Of course."

Ms. Sensible: "But still SHOES?  Yes you saw them made when you were at FIT but those were heels with hard soles, not the least an everyday-good-for-your-foot comfortable shoe.  No, you can't live in fabric ballet flats either."

Me: "Okay.  I'd allow shoes to be my one not-made-by-me item.  I'd make everything else from scratch."

Ms, Sensible: "You certainly couldn't take it as far as making, designing, printing your own cloth.  You could just make a few items for yourself and be happy and proud of that.  Live life and do what you can when you can."

Dang. I hate it when Ms. Sensible is right.

(P.S. I love that skirt!)

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