August 30, 2010

before & now: distressed dresser

 "worn out" water glass spot
a evolving display of things that make me happy

I'm calling these "before & now" because although I'm happy with the results I don't believe anything is ever in it's "after" state (please don't tell that to my husband- I already want to paint the bathroom a different color and it hasn't even been a year).  So, you may see this dresser in the future only painted a different color, sanded down to the wood and waxed....

A visit from a lovely aunt (and the impending wedding reception) this past spring inspired me to get going on some projects (ie large pieces of furniture taking up space in the garage that was soon to be used for the reception).  I found this sitting up in the shed at the Land last fall.  It was Z's Dad's when he was growing up.  Some mice had taken up nest in the top drawer.  I'm so happy they let my clothes take up residence instead.  I wish I would have taken a photo of it sitting there.  It was begging me to bring it home and put it back to use.  Old worn-out furniture with good bones is one of my weaknesses.   I currently have three chairs, a table, this dresser and the kitchen cupboards in queue.

So after some repairs (it could use more but time was of the essence), sanding (lead paint? Hun where did you put the particle masks in this lovely organized garage?), layers of spray paint (sinful I know) and sanding again.  The result is a lot more "country" than I had anticipated or planned on but I'm happy with it.  It started as distressed but ended up looking "abused' according to one source that claimed anonymity.  What do you think?  Distressed or abused?

It fits perfectly into the bedroom.  And I mean perfect we have about an inch to spare on the whole wall.  It's so nice to have my clothes in drawers again.  Now if I could just part with some of the clothes...

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