August 23, 2010

backyard again...

As in I'm in my backyard again (not the show Backyardigans).  The mosquitoes have been horrendous this year so my backyard experience has been running out gathering veg and running back in.  Dodging, swatting and smacking the little bugs as I go.  I'm certain it makes for a hilarious sight for the neighbors.

Just like when I was a kid I was ousted from the house (only this time from the husband, not my Mom).  I was in a foul mood and as usual he knew just how to get me out of it.  "Go look at your plants, they'll make you happy."  And they did.

Here is a snippet of what I found... some industrious ants on the strikingly scented hosta flowers.  I hope it adds some green to your day.  You might want to bookmark this post for the dead of winter. Oh wait, winter what winter?  Enjoy!

P.S.  Do you want any of my images for your desktop?  Let me know if that sounds interesting and I'll start a freebie page for larger image downloads. :)

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