June 22, 2010

Farm Country

I ventured home to visit with my parents. It was wonderfully relaxing. There is a stretch of hwy that has beautiful old oak trees that I admire on our drive past (last image). It may have something to do with the sun always setting as we pass through. Everything is basked in the best light possible. The greens, blues and slight violets at this time of day put me in a great mood.

I went though a good bit of my art projects being stored in my parent's attic. No, I did not bring them back with me as they would only inspire and distract me from my larger home projects. When I do bring them back they will be properly photographed and shown here. ;)

As usual there was great food. Burgers at Joe Rour's (out in the middle of nowhere) my Dad's pheasants in a casserole (DELICIOUS) and Breakfast on the Farm (where a unsuspecting politician hopeful was thoroughly quizzed by a political reporter in civilian clothing- a great show). All but the first photo are from breakfast on the farm. It was a great weekend!

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