June 11, 2010

Cats: the ultimate boogy man scarers

We recently introduced two cat sisters into our home.

There were many things I was expecting from them, many good and a few bad. Just a sampling...


Warm bodies on my lap while working in my studio

Catertainment shows (ie cats playing full heartily with their toys)



Boxes of poop

eating my veggie seedlings

knocking plants over

But I was not expecting how much more comfortable I would feel in our house. I've always been a little scared of dark quiet places. Okay, a lot scared. At night I would scurry to the bathroom spending less than .1 seconds in the hallway where I thought I would surely be gotten. By what, I am not certain but it is a very dark and scary ghost like creature that does a lot of lurking. Even during the day I would avoid going into the back rooms in the basement. Yesterday I was quite relieved when I realized I no longer do any of that. I walk freely as if it was still daylight. AHH I love those two cats!

I promise this won't turn into a blog about my cats.

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