May 20, 2010

inspiring websites inspiring a website

I have been looking at websites with a critical eye for some time. Mostly because I would like to have my own someday. Hopefully sooner rather than later, ie with in a year or two. I know, there aren't any images in this post but follow the links and you will be amazed.

In order of Dreaming to Realistic:
1.Over a year ago I came across this website for french illustrator Emilie Chollat and fell in love. Nothing short of AMAZING! There are many more plain and simple ones that win me over but they all have a textural quality to them.

2a.For instance the Design Sponge site has great layers. It appears that you are looking at a desk or inspiration board.

2b.Others like Eco-jot clearly show what it is they are selling and the flower tabs are terrific!

3.Closer to bare bones but still terrific, or maybe it is just her amazing work showing through, Lucy Pilgrim Waters. This site beautifully displays her work, almost as great as a gallery.

4.Displays perfectly why simple can still be amazing and probably cheap to create, Danielle Simonsen.

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