April 9, 2010

The Wedding

The wedding dress that took many hours and more stress than perhaps it was worth. Or was it? I made a mock-up that was 8+ inches too big. I fitted the lining myself only to realize I was zipped and pinned in with no way out and no one home to help me. I finished it 45 minutes before walking down the aisle. Thank you Virginia @ Gayfeather Fabrics for the perfect advice and refreshing encouragement, not to mention special ordering beautiful silk in just the right white.

Wonderful flowers.  Beautifully done.  All dried up but still lovely they sit on my desk as I type.

The straps that I was hand sewing in the hotel the morning of. Mom saved the day as relief sewer when I was too frantic to sew anymore.

Perhaps the most beautiful building in Wisconsin. The Capitol.

The happily ever after part.

The photos turned out beautifully. Thanks David. I especially like that you give CD's of the photos and don't charge us to get our moments printed. Keep up the fantastic work! More of our photos and his work can be found here.

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