April 22, 2010

Just do IT!

Why wait until tomorrow when you have time today? We have been getting in some pretty great things at the store made by local entrepreneurs, artist, designers and the like. Everytime I see or sell a locally made item I think, "I am so proud of_____!" and "Damn I can do this!" I practiced it growing up, I studied it in college, I dream about it multiple times in a day and while sleeping so what the heck is my problem? Why haven't I produced anything?... That is where excuses get in the way and all my unfinished projects flash through my mind's eye like the scary part of a cartoon. Well, no longer. Afterall there isn't a secret to it. You simply must do it. That's it. Oh, and these things I must tell myself when I get in a funk:
1. Let go of your perfectionist self, at least enough so that you can actually finish a project.
2. Be happy to have completed it PERIOD
3. Learn from it and quickly move onto the next project. (Know that making and finishing is part of the learning, improving and moving towards your dream process even if the project at hand hasn't gone to the place you imagined it would.)

So here I go!

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