October 26, 2009


NYC was lovely as usual. I stayed with a dear friend. She took us out for a cultural and culinary excursion in Korea town and then again with her own magical Korean cooking. Her little apartment was the most welcoming and comforting during my stay. After my sinus infection was settling in we drank blooming tea from Takashimaya.

I was able to attend the monthly Open Craft Night at Etsy! I met lots of neat people and found the space to be great for bringing out my creative juices (despite the fact that the sinus infection was in full swing by then...). I worked on crochet flowers for the up coming wedding (my wedding- more on that to follow) with yarn from Purl.

On our way down 9th Ave to The Highline a great NY moment happened. Tallest cousin, his girlfriend and I nearly won a free ride in the Happy Cab. Answer this, "Do you know what the shortest street is in Manhattan?" Well, according to the cabby of the Happy Cab it is Elk st., down by City Hall. But according to the UPS man, a family in another cab, and by standers on the street that we got involved in the guessing game it was many other streets. We didn't win the Louis Vutton wallet or a free ride but we did get a great, old, knockoff of a Burberry wallet.

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