October 26, 2009

Last Harvest

The last harvest happened weeks ago but I was too busy getting ready fro my NYC trip to post.
Tomatoes from the garden! They have since been turned into salsa. Salsa that took 6 hours to make. 6 hours on top of running around at work all day. I am proud or the results and the fact that I actually did it. Canning excursion no. 2. and I hope next years garden brings many more.

Edamame from a local and organic CSA. 10lbs frozen to perfection and cheaper than grocery store edamame. Yum!

I planted the corn late this year so the stalks were only 2 feet high and the ears were tiny. This was one of the biggest ears. Next year: Sweet corn and popcorn.
Up at the Land harvesting pumpkins and squash before the first deep frost claims them.

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