September 7, 2009

Green Time

Labor Day weekend was filled with many shades of green. We painted the cabin green, the pond was covered in it, I knit with it....

Paddle boat time out on the green pond. Green swirls traced the path the water was taking.
Berries were picked roadside and will be frozen for future pie making. Once they are all picked of the stalk of course, a process that stains your fingers bright wine. The lines of the plucked stalks are beautiful set off against the blue of my jeans, peach of my hand and new coat of green on the cabin.

Teeny tiny spiders not discovered until I upload the picture to my computer make me smile. Pink buds and spidery shapes with a backdrop of green.

Beavers have orange teeth.

Exploring with the company of an always entertaining friend, Annie.

These lovely ladies just showed up. Happily they ate seeds and kept the tick population down. I couldn't stay away from their beautiful patterns, a combination of white dots and stripes on balk. Very classy. Bright beautiful eyes and "make-up" similar to a scary female Disney character.

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