May 25, 2009

Not Quite Carnage: Memorial Day Weekend

Lots of sun, singing birds, buzzing bees and sleeping in. Northern Wisconsin is great for many things. Escaping the Big project (that is the house) and the city for a few days was a nice change. We did get a few "chores" done too.

Buzzing Bees helping the nearly extinct Dandelion return for many more years.

Sleeping in. A little tree frog, I believe, taking a mid day nap until we discovered him at the rain barrel. One of our many discoveries. The Blue Birds were also back looking for a home and the Geese already had a few young splashing about in the pond.

Fishing was fruitful. Some were happy to pose for the camera. Great lips really! Honestly, I just like the colors.

The beautiful remains of the winter hunt. The way the bone twists and creates shadows in the nasal cavity really caught my eye. If heads of any kind are going to be displayed I much prefer this "boiled out" method to that of furry heads and necks sticking out of a wall. The outhouse is in the background.

The real carnage: my bike falling of the back of the car into traffic on the interstate. This is what a bike looks like after a car hits it a 70mph and then drags it to the side of the road. A very sad thing indeed. We had gone for many rides in our 8 years together. Does any one have a Raleigh C40 from 2001 that they would like to sell?

The garden had grown inches while I was away! From front to back: lettuce, peas, bok choy, french breakfast radishes, carrots, onions, and still underground the potatoes.

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