November 28, 2008

NYC Fall 2008

On a yellow kick! I went to visit some friends and to rejuvenate my creativity that has been waning since graduation.
#1 A unique lamp at a coffee shop in Soho, yellow walls.
#2 Cream Ale and a Whiskey shot with and old friend to fend of the evening cold, only $6!
#3 Great Architecture and reds near my favorite designer's studio,
#4 Lovely little Gingko tree (this ones for you Charlene!) next to a beautiful red brick building. I liked the contrast between the yellow, red and blue. Primary but not boring or over powering. It was a great find considering the day began quite gloomy.

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  1. I love your photographs. The leaf is great. I see those all the time.

    -Jason aka the stranger


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